We have not finalized our location by purchasing a site yet.
Right now we are building our group.

person holding black round containerArea:  We are focused on areas that support our needs for transit, trees and amenities. These include sections of Grandview-Woodlands, Mount Pleasant, Main Street/Riley Park and other East Vancouver neighbourhoods that meet our criteria.  

Walk-ability to:

  • grocery stores and mid-size stores
  • transit (preferably near a SkyTrain station)
  • schools
  • parks
  • community centre (preferably with a pool)

Livability: We would like to live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood, and not on a main arterial road. 

  • Intergenerational
  • 15-30 households
  • Eco-friendly, low-rise building
  • Inclusive and diverse
  • Car share
  • Bike friendly


  • Cross ventilated
  • Good sound proofing
  • Lots of natural light